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10 things having 10 things in common with my ass

May 12, 2007

Politicians of our country… both full of shit. Skin tight jeans/ Atif Aslam…both liked by fags. Big Mac…both have two hot buns. George W. bush’s brain… both have two hemispheres with a hole in the middle. Karachi girls…both are hairy. Sunset Boulevard … both smell most of the time. Taha… both have a dick for […]

The Devil’s Work

May 12, 2007

“Mr. Masroor this is not going anywhere. I’m trying to help you but it’s no use if you’re not going to tell me the truth!” “ I am telling you the truth Mr. Abdullah! What is the use of you representing me in court if you don’t even believe me! Might as well just leave […]


May 8, 2007

April 16, 2009 I looked around the very familiar room which had been used for our therapy sessions for over a decade now. I had designed it myself keeping in mind how important it is for the patient to feel relaxed when in such a session. Sometimes they get so relaxed and are at such […]