My Cursed Kingdom
This is my kingdom, i am the slave.

10 things having 10 things in common with my ass


  1. Politicians of our country… both full of shit.
  2. Skin tight jeans/ Atif Aslam…both liked by fags.
  3. Big Mac…both have two hot buns.
  4. George W. bush’s brain… both have two hemispheres with a hole in the middle.
  5. Karachi girls…both are hairy.
  6. Sunset Boulevard … both smell most of the time.
  7. Taha… both have a dick for a best friend.
  8. National Assembly speakers… both pass a motion.
  9. Snickers … both make brown nutty treats.
  10. Guests at weddings… dont give a “crap” unless you feed them.


6 Responses to “10 things having 10 things in common with my ass”

  1. hahahahahaha

  2. hahaha .. fucking hilarious boy.
    loved 8 and 2.


  3. Highly entertaining! I never got around to this whole blogging affair but you seem to be enjoying it and I guess have quite a fan following 😉 Good going.

  4. hah the only 2 fans i have r these 2 stooges

  5. It’s the three stooges man. Why are you leaving the gang?

  6. i was never in ur gang! uve been living a lie all ur life!

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