My Cursed Kingdom
This is my kingdom, i am the slave.

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We move further apart

August 8, 2007

With each passing day, It becomes more and more clearer, No future to look forward to, For the foes ; for the dearer.   Nostalgia plays its part, Brings me back to the start. As cold as is my heart, We move further and further apart.     Advertisements

The Kill

August 8, 2007

I kept my hand in my coat as I walked towards him. It was pretty dark in the corridor and it seemed like every resident of the building had gone to sleep already. I could only hear the faint sounds of a television playing a few rooms away. As he neared me he did not […]

I still remember

August 7, 2007

I woke up with a startle. She was knocking on my window. I was sweating profusely. The dream I had just witnessed was very disturbing. I had fallen asleep just a few minutes ago behind my car wheel, waiting for her to come out of the store. I had agreed to do that so I […]