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The inevitable question

September 30, 2007

When I was five years old we used to live away from the main city towards the country side. Climbing trees, falling off from them and running all over the neighbors daffodils were the things me and my younger brother did best. Sometimes we would walk our dog and throw rocks at the ducks in […]

Words Unsaid

September 28, 2007

As in transit now,my soul,climbing with all the fear, the closeness they assured me about though never did i feel, tried as i did,the smoke, never did it clear, the nearer seemed further and the furthest seemed near. Dead but still cry over the wounds that did not mend, wishing my question was answered before […]

So close yet so far

September 28, 2007

As I walked in through the doors of one of the best known jewelry stores in the city, I saw a number of smiley faced customer helpers walk towards me. It was a working day at the offices and it wasn’t even lunch time yet so there weren’t many customers to deal with at that […]

The best cab service in town!

September 16, 2007

Just call us! We’ll do anything and everything we can to get to you..literally! KARACHI CABS UAN 111-527-222


September 15, 2007

Ayemi asked, “Why do i hate today so much?” “Because you’re frustrated beyond reason.” Konshenz replied. “Why particularly today?” “Because that is the price you are paying for controlling your temper” Konshenz replied to Ayemi. Ayemi nodded.

The Dont’s of driving in Karachi

September 14, 2007

Don’t wear seat belts… you might have to get out and run out of car quickly after you’ve hit someone. Don’t move on green lights… someone else at the crossing is sure to be breaking the traffic signal. Don’t stop if a policeman standing by the road pulls you over… he has no bike to […]

kcaB kcarT

September 12, 2007

I was dead. The blood stopped flowing any further. It started to get darker and seemed thicker. I opened my mouth to gasp for air but that was my last movement. I tried to move my hands but that ability was long gone. I lost my vision. My vision went blur. My eyes stayed fixed […]

Indiana Jones

September 11, 2007

Yesterday I had to push my car a few hundred meters with Hassan in the driver’s seat as we tried to start it. Fruitless. My grandfather’s acrobats with the car had left the starter switch screwed up. After trying for some time we rushed to the mechanic and dragged his smelly oily ass to the […]


September 3, 2007

She was sitting in the back seat. I was in the passenger’s seat and my friend was driving. I was staring at the road straight when I felt her touch my shoulder from behind. At first it seemed like it had happened by mistake but then she just rest her hand on my shoulder and […]

nature of music of nature

September 2, 2007

As he sat on the grass staring into the open skies, he could not think of anywhere else he would’ve rather been. The clouds that slowly wandered across the sky looked more beautiful than anything he had ever witnessed. Large white clouds with a touch of grey looking like soft cotton pieces scattered on a […]