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December 31, 2007

Sometimes you push everyone so far away, they seem as tiny ants running around in lines. So far away that it starts feeling that you- are infact the person who got pushed away and the rest of the people are exactly where they were. Why you did this you ask yourself. But all you can […]


December 22, 2007

She caught my attention by chance as I sat there sipping my coffee at Starbucks going through my papers. She was very attractive and seemed very fresh. I loved the way she laughed and pushed her brown curls behind her ear. The next time I saw her there was after a month but her hair […]


December 22, 2007

  He felt sad inside. He would always go sit in the grass by the fence when he felt sad and pick at the grass He sat there partly because he did not want to go far from home and partly because no one could see him from there. He was an emotional little kid. […]

The hand that feeds

December 16, 2007

Professor Taleho was always more intrigued by the students whom he considered being rather slow than the rest. He had spent many years in the same university, taking upon himself the task of not only teaching his students the subject at hand, but also how to be confident and make their own mark in the […]

Lucky number 5

December 9, 2007

5th May, 2005 I got up in the middle of the night. I looked at the watch it was only 5 am. I switched on the T.V. I had only flipped through 5 channels when I stopped on the news. The anchor was talking about how the usual road that I take for work was […]


December 7, 2007

It was 1 am. I was dead tired from working all day. I had been lying in bed for the last three hours, but couldn’t manage even a single minute of sleep. Random thoughts flooded my brain. I closed my eyes but my eyes kept moving inside. My body was dying for some rest; my […]


December 2, 2007

I don’t like winters, but this year’s winter was the best winter ever. I had never come to this park before. I hardly had to come to this part of the city. I had a meeting at an agency which on inquiry from a woman at a shop, turned out to be in the building […]