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His Joy is their Misery

January 27, 2008

“Pain, it saddens me to know, the helplessness that you feel”   He felt different. He was different. It was natural for him but it was far from natural for the rest of the world. No one ever wanted to accept it, though everyone had a part of him living inside them. Hiding, waiting, afraid […]


January 5, 2008

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Freezing Hell

January 5, 2008

There was no other color that the eye could appreciate expcet white. The snow had everything in its grip. The situation had been worsened by the blowing winds that were as freezing as the snow itself, probably worse. This is how the hell in an alter universe would be, not burning hot but freezing cold. […]

Why Smith didn’t come to work the next day

January 2, 2008

Today; Walter:   Walter barged into Smith’s office. Both Smith and Jeff turned around confused. Smith was busy having coffee while chit chatting with Jeff. Jeff was seated in the chair in front of Smith’s desk and Smith was standing besides him sipping his coffee.   ‘Walter? What’s the matter?” Smith said not knowing what […]