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Old people using the internet for the first time

May 9, 2008

“Honey come here quick! Its time for us to quit our jobs and buy a beach house and spend the rest of our days soaking up the sun! I’m the 1,23,4567th lucky person to visit this site and I just won a million dollars!” “Hmm…where do I check my mail again? I guess it was……*click* […]


May 7, 2008

5000 hits and counting. 1000 hits since April 24 2008

Things I like

May 3, 2008

In Flames,Mike Portnoy,Silverchair,Bush, Spiderman,Black and white,Insomnium,Fight club,Labradors,X-men,Entourage,Drums,Metallica,Simpsons,Batman,Ironman,Transformers

Would you still “Jump”?

May 2, 2008

Jumping; I came across this concept when I watched the movie called “Jumper”. In simpler words, jumping has always been known as teleporting, a really remarkable ability to have. Teleportation is defined in Wikipedia as: “Teleportation is the movement of objects from one place to another, more or less instantaneously, without traveling through space.” What […]