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A run through the last moments

July 27, 2009

You fear the worst. Then you panic. Your heart starts to race real fast. You beat your arms frantically. You forget all you know. You pull yourself under. You hold your breath. You throw your arms in every direction. You move your legs fast trying to push yourself back up. You manage to hold your […]

The invisible ninja

July 25, 2009

He was everywhere. Everywhere at the same time, for he was a ninja, the invisible ninja. I felt a hard blow to my face from the right. My head was turned away and as soon as I moved towards the right and extended my arms to hit my un-seeable foe I was shook by another […]

Those were the days

July 24, 2009

It’s not easy being 75 years old; it’s even worse being 75 and traveling on a plane. But the worst thing is to be 75, traveling on a plane and going to meet one of your best friends who is on his death bed. It’s not easy to be living away from your homeland for […]

Thank you Mark

July 24, 2009

Just today I clicked to sign into my blog and the website prompted me by saything ‘blog suspended’ and only giving me time to shield my eyes, my monitor exploded throwing me to the ground. Im like whaa?! I quickly took out my brother’s laptop and without even waiting for windows to start up, tried […]