My Cursed Kingdom
This is my kingdom, i am the slave.

All is violent, All is bright

I paint your name on my wall. I watch the paint drip down till the ground. It messes up my wallpaper. I just stand and stare at it. The tiny drops rolling down the wall, racing against each other to reach the floor. I stand there and stare like a fool.

I tear the wallpaper down. I discover a window behind the flowery patterns. I push it open. I see the sky. The sky is bright red. The clouds are gathering in. They scare me. It looks like rain. I stare in amazement as tiny sparkling dots start to fall from the sky. They look like a million diamonds falling from the  sky. They move slowly. I stand there and stare at them in amazement. They aren’t rain drops. They are shards of glass. They pierce my body. They bury themselves deep inside my skin. I stand there, looking at my dripping blood in amazement. I feel no pain. I feel no shame. I close my eyes.

I open my eyes. Find myself lying in my own pool of blood. The sky is violent. The sky is bright.

inspired my All is violent, All is bright by God is an Astronaut


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