My Cursed Kingdom
This is my kingdom, i am the slave.

The recurring predicaments

One year. More than a year actually. Since you died. You live, but you are dead. Dead to the world. A world that once flourished and nurtured from the sincerity of your love. Its nothing but a piece of barren land now. A land with no light or water or air or life. Dead.

I had opened up your head once. Literally. I had you placed on my table with a faint light hanging from the ceiling. I had inspected your brain. The brain that was oozing with blood. I had studied it, I was in it. I was a part of it. It was a part of me. I knew what you were thinking even before you had thought it. I was your thoughts. I sewed it back up once I was done. You had no idea what had happeded.

 You had drugged me. Literally. You had slipped three drops of syanophol into my drink when I wasnt looking. You had watched me fall down. You could see me, you could see me slipping out of my chair onto the floor, but you did not care. Infact, you enjoyed every moment of it. You watched me lay there like a pile of rags. You smiled. I had no idea what had happened.

 Same thing over and over again.


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