My Cursed Kingdom
This is my kingdom, i am the slave.

The rope

The past was fiction. Future is imaginary. It is the present that is alive. And that is with you. And that is where I live. I want to live in the present all my past and future.

You ask me if my stomach churns or my heart skips when I look at you? Even more than that. Everytime.  It is not that that worries me.

I want to build a bridge. A bridge that starts from my soul and flows into your heart. An escalator that starts from your soul and moves up into my heart. I don’t want two entities; I want us to be one. Thoughts that you think that I already know, feelings I feel that make you sad; or happy for that matter. I want to feel alone if you’re not in the same room as I.

I want present to be eternity. It’s not to waiver, not to be severed, not to sway. It has started from stands, which have swung around themselves into a million twists, turning themselves into a rope. A rope I hold at one end; and you at the other. A rope that is life. Yours and mine. Ours. I want the rope to grow. I want the strands to keep twisting around themselves. I want to see nothing but the rope. I want to be always yours, and you always mine.



I love you.


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