My Cursed Kingdom
This is my kingdom, i am the slave.

Dig the durt, if you must.

Don’t dig your buried treasures out; you never know what you might find. Unless you’re ready to face what you will see.

But if you must, then you must. Pick up the shovel, shove its head into the dirt with all the force in your arms, and then use the strength of your tired legs to push it further into the heart of the earth. You will feel the ground move a little; your heart will beat faster, anticipation. Take a big scoop of rubble and set in on the ground away from the point of interest. Repeat.

You will get to a point where you won’t be able to shovel any more. That will be the point you were looking forward to; the treasure. Buried, for years, away from you and from everyone else.

But you just couldn’t help it.

Throw your shovel to the side, get down onto your knees, reach inside the dark tempting hole in the ground. Start separating the earth with your bare hands. You will feel the dirt getting caught underneath your nail beds. You will feel the blackening spiraling stomach churning dirt stick to your arms. The sweat will pour down. Your heart will beat even faster, you are almost there.

And then, you will see it. A corner, visible, sticking out of the dirt. You will sit there gathering your thoughts for a few seconds, unbelievably looking at the treasure you had buried deep into the ground. You had eventually dug it out yourself. You reach towards it and pull it out. A photograph. Immortal memories. A deep chill down the spine. Goosebumps. As if your heart turned inside out on itself.

The hair, on the forehead, nicely set. New haircut perhaps. Straight face, not an exciting moment it seems. But the look, the look that you still remember, the look that is engraved into your soul.

Now you have the choice, would you put it in your pocket to keep it safe? Or is it time to bury it, deep down, deeper than before?


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