My Cursed Kingdom
This is my kingdom, i am the slave.

Second thoughts

I had been walking separately for several minutes, I could hear faint calls from my dad somewhere in the back, reassuring me that I had not walked off too far. The brush was thick and the ground was mushy from the overnight rain, making my boots heavier with every step as the mud stuck to them. I forced my way forward, my rifle in my left hand with my right arm under the barrel. I could feel the moisture in the air, the fog making it difficult to look past a few meters at most.

By now I was aware of the fact that I couldn’t hear the sounds of the moving shrub behind me or my dad calling; I must’ve wandered too far into the woods. I wasn’t sure if I should turn back or march on. I wanted to prove myself a big man, I wanted to hunt my first.

I was startled as a deer jumped from behind the tree and stopped right in front of me. It looked straight at me. My hands froze as I gripped the rifle firmly. I held my breath as I felt my heart start to beat faster, my mind trying to make a quick decision. I stared back at the deer, at its dark eyes and its dark brown color; somewhat hiding underneath the fog.

The deer did not look scared. It looked patient. It was surprised to see me, but was clearly not afraid of me. It did not anticipate that I was out into the woods so far from my own home, into its home, to kill it. For a second I thought about how it would be if that were me; if I found someone outside my house who was there to kill me, for sport. I became unsure of my actions. I got acutely confused. The thoughts of my dad telling me stories of his hunts and all the times I’ve enjoyed feasting on rabbit meat that my dad had hunt. I had always thought him my hero. But this seemed different, this seemed wrong.

I finally slowly moved my arms and pointed the rifle towards the deer, holding my breath. The deer still looked calm, just confused. I put some pressure on the trigger. I heard a loud noise and several birds fly out of the trees as I squeezed my eyes shut. I opened them just a second later to see the deer on the ground, bleeding from its head. It wasn’t moving, it was probably dead before it hit the ground. Did I actually..? My thoughts were interrupted by a figure appearing from behind the trees, wearing a camouflage shirt holding a rifle under his arm. My father.

“You okay son? I got a clean shot. Didn’t even see you here.”

“I’m fine.” I replied, still looking at the deer lying on the ground.

I wasn’t sure what to feel.


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