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February 13, 2018

Day break was still an hour or so away. Night still covered the sky like a dark velvet blanket; perfectly placed across the sky refusing to fall out of place. The moon shone dull with no intention of being any help to the wary. Most souls clutched their blankets to their necks, disconnected from reality […]

The Karachi Bedtime Checklist

December 21, 2012

You’re dead beat from a long day and not really looking forward to the next hectic day, not because you hate your boss but more so because your boss hates you. You’re done surfing through all the 87 useless channels your cable T.V operator provides you. You check facebook one last time on your not […]

How to make it in Pakistan

December 25, 2010

Please follow these detailed instructions very carefully. In case anything goes wrong or you are left morally impaired or religiously handicapped, just die. If you are already filthy and ridiculously rich, jump directly to instruction number 9. If you don’t think you can ever be rich living here, just die. If you are willing to […]

Thank you Mark

July 24, 2009

Just today I clicked to sign into my blog and the website prompted me by saything ‘blog suspended’ and only giving me time to shield my eyes, my monitor exploded throwing me to the ground. Im like whaa?! I quickly took out my brother’s laptop and without even waiting for windows to start up, tried […]

Old people using the internet for the first time

May 9, 2008

“Honey come here quick! Its time for us to quit our jobs and buy a beach house and spend the rest of our days soaking up the sun! I’m the 1,23,4567th lucky person to visit this site and I just won a million dollars!” “Hmm…where do I check my mail again? I guess it was……*click* […]

Would you still “Jump”?

May 2, 2008

Jumping; I came across this concept when I watched the movie called “Jumper”. In simpler words, jumping has always been known as teleporting, a really remarkable ability to have. Teleportation is defined in Wikipedia as: “Teleportation is the movement of objects from one place to another, more or less instantaneously, without traveling through space.” What […]

Lights, take my worries away!

April 28, 2008

Ah! These lights. I just love them. I just love how they change from red to blue to green to red again. I love how the lights literally dance infront of my eyes. Its weird how this spectacle never comes to life when im at ground level or when I’m actually having a good day, […]

Happy birthday honey!

March 17, 2008

I was off from work finally, that too earlier than usual. My boss hadn’t shown up for work today and the office felt like a place where the monkey cages were left open. I had spend most of my lunch break finishing up my work so I wouldn’t have to stay till long and before […]

Why Smith didn’t come to work the next day

January 2, 2008

Today; Walter:   Walter barged into Smith’s office. Both Smith and Jeff turned around confused. Smith was busy having coffee while chit chatting with Jeff. Jeff was seated in the chair in front of Smith’s desk and Smith was standing besides him sipping his coffee.   ‘Walter? What’s the matter?” Smith said not knowing what […]

The hand that feeds

December 16, 2007

Professor Taleho was always more intrigued by the students whom he considered being rather slow than the rest. He had spent many years in the same university, taking upon himself the task of not only teaching his students the subject at hand, but also how to be confident and make their own mark in the […]