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Those were the days

July 24, 2009

It’s not easy being 75 years old; it’s even worse being 75 and traveling on a plane. But the worst thing is to be 75, traveling on a plane and going to meet one of your best friends who is on his death bed. It’s not easy to be living away from your homeland for […]

Your trash my treasure

February 22, 2008

The cold made him feel numb. His thin jacket was worn out and was not of much help. He took his time finishing his cigarette before he got back into his taxi. The streets at 2 at night were as empty as a ghost town’s. Even the moonlight seemed eerie. It was not out of […]

Shame on you ego!

February 19, 2008

Victor and Vice were twins. Growing up together they were two peas in a pod. Nothing could separate them. If one was hurt the other felt more pain. Happy and merry with not a worry in the world they played around the neighborhood making everyone they passed by laugh and smile.  It was a matter […]


November 18, 2007

Today was like no other. But it was totally different. He had these days far too often. He stood on the small bridge made of stone blocks that stretched across the small lake in the park. He rested his arms on the rail guards and looked down into the water at his reflection. A few […]

My son; my life

October 25, 2007

 I remember when my son was born. It was the happiest day of my life by far. I was so proud. That was the first time in years I had tears of joy. My son came and strengthened the bond between my wife and I.  I remember when my son started saying his first words. […]

The Wizard of Oz: The Real Deal

October 22, 2007

  CHAPTER 5: THE TIN WOODMAN They left the cottage and walked through the trees until they found a little spring of clear water, where Dorothy drank and bathed and ate her breakfast. When they had finished her meal, and was about to go back to the road of yellow brick, they were startled to […]

Slave of self

October 11, 2007

“Sara? Honey? Oh my God! Sara!” my mom said as she switched on the light. As I opened my eyes unwillingly, I expected to see the similar surroundings of my own room, but instead I found myself in the kitchen. She ran towards me. She seemed really scared all of a sudden. “Sara! What the […]


October 9, 2007

He stood un-noticed at the end of the field. He looked at the group of guys in their soccer team uniforms standing in the middle chatting and joking around. The winter seemed colder than usual and the fog limited the field of vision. He hated it when they would laugh. He wanted to be a […]

Triangles and squares

October 5, 2007

I was born in a normal family,or so they say. But I always considered them to be illogical, asymmetrical and unorganized. They said I had OCD. Obsessive compulsive disorder or something like that because I never saw a doctor for it. The truth is I believe symmetry is life. That’s how everything should be. Symmetrical […]

Balance of life

October 2, 2007

It is not the best place to meet new people outside a hospital emergency room. Infact for Maha, no place was a good place to meet new people. It was partly because she was shy and mostly because she adored being alone. That afternoon Maha had to rush to the hospital from school after she […]