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Second thoughts

November 1, 2015

I had been walking separately for several minutes, I could hear faint calls from my dad somewhere in the back, reassuring me that I had not walked off too far. The brush was thick and the ground was mushy from the overnight rain, making my boots heavier with every step as the mud stuck to them. […]

Gangrenous thoughts

April 5, 2012

You are my cancer. You are my disease. You are a gangrenous leg, that is rotting and falling off, piece by piece. But not falling off fast enough. The gangrene is crawling up slowly but surely. It wants to take over me. You are an injured limb, an injured limb I don’t have the courage […]

Dying to live

January 31, 2011

Hey Mom, I’m sorry things haven’t really been great for us for the last couple of years. I’m sorry I’ve given you a hard time. You know what they say about teenagers, we’re always a handful. I’m sorry I made things so difficult for all of us after Dad passed away. There just wasn’t much […]

The last day of the world

August 29, 2010

I pushed the door open and made my way out of the cabin. My eyes blinded even by the fading light after several weeks of darkness. I could feel my eyes hurt even behind the sun shades. I put my hand up to cover them. I could smell the stench of the cabin on my […]

Nail in my coffin

July 10, 2010

The last nail that they hammered into my coffin wasn’t like the rest. It wasnt lining the borders, but infact it was positioned somewhere in the middle. It was hammered repeatedly. I could hear the hammer falling and hitting hard on the metal head. The nail was driven deeper and deeper with every blow. I […]

A run through the last moments

July 27, 2009

You fear the worst. Then you panic. Your heart starts to race real fast. You beat your arms frantically. You forget all you know. You pull yourself under. You hold your breath. You throw your arms in every direction. You move your legs fast trying to push yourself back up. You manage to hold your […]

The invisible ninja

July 25, 2009

He was everywhere. Everywhere at the same time, for he was a ninja, the invisible ninja. I felt a hard blow to my face from the right. My head was turned away and as soon as I moved towards the right and extended my arms to hit my un-seeable foe I was shook by another […]

The Dogs Must Be Fed

April 23, 2008

* CHAPTER ONE: THE SLAUGHTER 1485 The Zangerberths and the Hilanders were at war again. The seventh in a series of many, if ones memory served him right. They say the deadliest battles in history had been fought between the two sides. Blood baths. After a conquest, no sign of a whole village would be […]

One o’clock

March 17, 2008

Him: I finished my lunch hastily. It was not worth the money. The restaurant didn’t suit my taste either but this was the only place on my way. I paid the bill and got up to leave. I felt nervous. Though I hadn’t eaten much but still my stomach felt heavy, it didn’t feel right. […]

The last feast

March 6, 2008

A hundred kings scorn their last feast, An era of blasphemy to say the least, Should I join the monotony of false hopes? Or should I dye my skies red for my craving foes? Insane to let the unusual engrave the usual, In pain to let the acceptance carve the refusal. Let the ashes settle […]