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September 5, 2011

After you shut the door, don’t look back. Don’t be startled by the loud bang. Don’t even think about turning the handle to see if the door would still budge. Leave it be. Don’t pay attention to the light creeping through from under the door. Don’t be distracted by the weaning and waving of the […]

Perfect imperfections

April 1, 2011

I built a memory treasure. I knew I would need it. I buried it, but I didn’t burry it deep. Not deep enough. It had been several weeks now. The feeling was still pretty much there. It was there to stay. The deep, heart crunching, stomach cringing sinking feeling. I knew I would be going […]

From birth to adolesence- A guide to rearing puppies at home.

March 5, 2010

So you have decided that you want your dogs to have puppies. Take your time, think again, and again, and again. The whole process is not as easy or fun as it sounds. If you have brought up kids then think of this as bringing up quadruplets or octuplets! If you are absolutely certain that […]

The infinite monkey theorem

November 29, 2007

The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a particular chosen text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. Kanzi looked up when he heard the sound of a screeching vehicle. He was out in the […]

The president every country needs

October 25, 2007

The Wizard of Oz: The Real Deal

October 22, 2007

  CHAPTER 5: THE TIN WOODMAN They left the cottage and walked through the trees until they found a little spring of clear water, where Dorothy drank and bathed and ate her breakfast. When they had finished her meal, and was about to go back to the road of yellow brick, they were startled to […]


July 31, 2007

Drew this picture a few weeks ago,alot related to my last post. she has my heart in her hands. i really like this one.

10 things having 10 things in common with my ass

May 12, 2007

Politicians of our country… both full of shit. Skin tight jeans/ Atif Aslam…both liked by fags. Big Mac…both have two hot buns. George W. bush’s brain… both have two hemispheres with a hole in the middle. Karachi girls…both are hairy. Sunset Boulevard … both smell most of the time. Taha… both have a dick for […]

How the circus is put together

January 12, 2007

This was the sign i read near our local school

The Sad Clown

January 10, 2007

This is something i drew a few years back. Its still one of my favourites because it has a lot of meaning to it.lets see how you people inturpret it.